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  • Special Interests
    Being autistic, people often mention the term ‘special interest’ to me when talking about my passions as if they’re trying to show me they can speak on my level, or because they’re genuinely trying to understand. Some autistic are okay with using that term, but I prefer not to talk about it that way. All […]
  • A Sensory World
    My perception of the senses, and why my experience of sensory input is so unusual, has evolved over time as I have sought more information and learned more about myself. It’s an area I’m particularly interested in, as sensory profiles can vary greatly from person to person. I see the accommodation of sensory needs as […]
  • Confessions of a Traumatised Autistic
    I have been out of hospital for 3 months now but I have only just begun to consider myself as having gone through trauma. I didn’t feel it was right to attribute that term to me since most people don’t experience the world in the same way I do, and it would certainly sound strange […]